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– Anh tôi Vlog 22 – Giới Thiệu Quán TRYM Nhậu Cực Ngon Trong Mùa Đông Lạnh Giá

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-Bomman- Lâu rồi mới stream


Mai Nam Hai (Vietnamese: Mai Nam Hải; born: April 5, 1991 (1991-04-05) [age 31]), also known as Bomman is a Vietnamese Facebook Gaming Partner, CSGO/PUBG former Commentator and Analyst for 500BroStudio [1] and CS:GO ex-semipro player[2] and known for his contribution in the Vietnamese CS:GO Community, but also his former toxicitiness and later calmness in his stream/gameplay.

Personal Life

Born and raised in Hanoi in a military-trained family, he already have his discipline and well-behaved act from early ages.
He started to play CS 1.6, and became in love with it.

He graduated from Hanoi University of Science and Technology with 26 points[3], which deemed him one of the nicknames “26 điểm Bách Khoa -man” (rough translation: 26 points from HUST).

In Apr 24, 2022, Bomman teases his marriage certificate to Minh Nghi on his own Facebook’s story [4]. Their marriage became officially finalized by tradition in July [5].


He was the Rifler/In-Game Leader for local semi-pro CSGO team, DungBeoGaming, from 2015-2016.
On May of 2017. he started streaming on 500BroStudio (his company)[6], and later (in 2018), splitted his content to this current channel to avoid confusion of the contents of the channel.
In 2019, he moved to Facebook to stream and later became Facebook Gaming Partner.

On Aug 8, 2022, Bomman announces that he moved back to Youtube to full-time streaming as his contract with Facebook Gaming Partner has been expired. [7]

Content Creation

  • Teacher Bom (Vietnamese: Thầy Giáo Bom) (2014-2019): prior to Demo Analysis, he used this title to analyze the demo.

He uses this to teach other players some nessessary skills and general tip/tricks to use in-game.

At some points in 2020, this series have been rebooted under the new title “Hướng dẫn <tip title> in <game title>“.

  • Phân Tích Demo (2018-): Analyzing the points of view and overall statistic of certain CSGO Pro Teams/Players.
  • Ký Sự Check Hack (2017-present): The longest series with 5 consecutive seasons (with >=20 episodes per season.);

The format are pretty much the same as Demo Analysis, often with a collaborative guess (with season 5 featuring Tran Anh Dung aka Kaj1ma as co-host), mostly focused on the reported player who deemed cheating/hacking in game.

(in rare scenarios, he will also checking the teammates/enemies within the demo for further analysis, which as of now only 2 demos were in the list, Case 2 Episode 6 Season 5 and Case 3 Episode 19 Season 2)


the majority of the quotes are from his toxic-era, aka 2016-2019, where most of the times he’ll either screaming, shouting, swearing at his teammates/viewers

  • Thằng cầm Negev là thằng ngu, mà thằng bị bắn bởi thằng cầm Negev là thằng ngu hơn.
    The one with the Negev [machine gun] is a dumbass, but the one who’s got shot by the one with the Negev is even dumber.[8]
  • Úi giời ơi, *slams table* dễ vãi lồn địt mẹ, mấy bọn oắt con này đit mẹ tuổi lồn. Chẳng qua tao không muốn tỏa sáng thôi chứ tao tỏa sáng lúc lồn nào chả được.
    Holy guacamole! [It’s] too fucking easy, those pipsqueaks ain’t fuckin’ nothing! I [swear I] didn’t want to show off though, but I can show off anytime I fuckin’ could.[9]
  • Cuộc Sống là phải Thích Nghi
    You’ve gotta adapt to live.[10]
  • Ui cái địt mẹ cuộc đời, *slams table* địt con mẹ cuộc đời. Địt mẹ cuộc đờiiii, địt con mẹ mày, địt mẹ thằng Gabe, cái lồn gì đây, địt con mẹ vãi lồn tôiiiii *hư hư*
    Oh, fuck [my] life! Fuck [my] life! Fuck [my] life! Fuck it, fuck that son of a bitch Gabe! What the fuck is that? Fuck my fuckin’ life![11]
  • Uôi, vãi lồn giật cả mình, địt mẹ làm bố mày ra là phải bắn vô mồm mày, đúng là con bot. Địt mẹ mày, lừa bố mày à? Đéo lừa được đâu. Đấy hỏi chấm, hỏi chấm cái địt mẹ mày , để hỏi chấm cái đã xong địt mẹ mày mới đặt bom.
    Woah! [You] scared the shit outta me! You summon me, you taste mah’ bullets! You fuckin’ bot. Goddamnit, tryin’ to trick me? In your dreams! Question mark? Question mark my ass![I’ve] gotta “question mark” [it] first, then place [the] bomb later goddamnit.[12]
  • [talking with his teammates] A Clear cái địt mẹ mày.
    “A clear” my ass![13]
  • [looks outside of his streaming room] Cút, địt mẹ mày nhìn nhìn cái con cặc.
    Scram! Fuck you, look my ass.[14]
  • Mẹ mày, chán sống à? Mày muốn chết đúng không? Địt mẹ bố mày gọi người xiên chết cụ mày giờ.
    You little shit, you wanna die? YOU WANNA DIE? Damn you, I’mma call [mah] boys, [they’ll] tear you limb from limb.[15]
  • [opened up a case, got a Galil (an assault rifle available on T-side) Mil-spec] Sao con dao này lạ thế?
    Why does this knife look funky?[16]
  • [BAPJ (co-caster in 500Bros) enter the room] [Bomman hold and throw a sandal] Cút ra ngoài, địt mẹ mày, biến, biến ra ngoài, địt mẹ biến.
    Get the fuck out! Out! Scram! Damn it, out![17]
  • Tao là bố của chúng mày, chúng mày là con tao, chúng mày đừng bao giờ cố gắng bắn tao. Không được đâu Sói(?) ạ, địt mẹ mày không phải ngẫu nhiên tao là bố chúng mày, cái điều đấy không bao giờ tự nhiên xảy ra mà nó phải có cái sự logic nhất định, chúng mày hiểu không?
    I’m your dada, you’re mah children, don’t you ever try to shoot me. Ain’t gonna work, Wolf! Fuck, I ain’t your dad for nothing, That did not happen for no reason, there must be logic of some sort. Get it?[18]
  • Địt mẹ mày nhá nữa à, địt mẹ mày luôn, bố mày địt con mẹ mày luôn, nhá cái lồn mẹ chúng mày.
    Damn you, pinging me again? Damn you, I damn y’all to hell, ping, ping mah ass.[19]
  • [talking with his teammates] Vãi lồn địt con mẹ mày, một sự thất bại của bộ giáo dục, trời ơi, ơ ơ ơ ớ, ôi caster, ôi caster của 500Bros, trời ơi địt con mẹ mày!
    Holy shit, fuck it, [this is] the downfall of Min-Ed, oh my gawd, woah, oh Caster, oh 500Bros’s Caster, holy fuckin’ shit![20]
  • Địt mẹ thằng Minh (MinhPopper), địt mẹ mày, mày mà cầm khẩu Ọp (AWP) nữa, bố bắn vỡ đầu mày luôn địt mẹ mày, địt con mẹ màyyyyyy, nó eco (spending tactic on CS:GO) cứ cầm khẩu AWP ra làm lồn gì, địt con mẹ đời, địt, mẹ thằng Benten (his teammate) tí mày kick thằng này ra, nó ngu qua thể luôn, địt con mọe.
    Fuck you Minh, fuck you! Pick that AWP one more time and I’ll blow your fuckin’ head! Fuck that biiiitch! He’s “eco”-ing, why’s he holdin’ that fuckin’ AWP? Fuck [the] life, fuck, fuckin’ Benten [you’ve gotta] kick that slut, he’s too stupid, damn it![21]
  • [Got shot by a cheater while didn’t see anyone]Á AA AA A, ÚI GIỜI ƠI CÁI CON MẸ GÌ VẬY, ĐỊT CON MẸ *voice crack* NÓ Ở ĐÂU ĐẤY? ĐỊT CON MẸ VÃIIIII LỒNNNNNNNNN!


  • His alias, Bomman, is a reference to ‘Bomberman’ from ‘Bomberman Game’ by Konami.
  • He is also known by many other nicknames by the community, notable ones include:
    • Blueman/Oceanman: prior to 2019-2020, he was called by that nickname because his CS:GO Case Opening will always either Military Specs (which have a Blue Background on Item Name) or lower grades, but rarely knives (one of the high-value items in CS:GO, mostly for cosmetics, which have a Yellow-Gold Background on Icon Name).
    • Toxicman: he was known for his toxicity and rages whenever he loses in the game or when he didn’t unboxed a knife for a long time (most of the time he’ll remain calm).
    • Nowife-man: as the community known he were living alone for most of his life, the community deem him that nickname alongside with the other ones. The nickname has been forgotten in late-2021 as he was speculated to be dating Minh Nghi, former VECS commentator, at the time.
    • Anh tôi (trans: my brother): the most well-known nickname of his, a tribute and appreciation of his contributions to the Vietnamese CSGO Community.
  • From 2016-2019, his donate GIF were him “múa quạt” (rough trans: fanning dance) on the Remixed version of “Gọi Tên Của Anh Là Nắng” with sampled vocals by Kaj1ma (Founder of Viking Gaming and CEO of 500BroStudio) (rough trans: Call me by my name The Sun).[23] He later only uses the voice (without music) for his donation chime, and as of now replaced with a default bell chime for donations and subsciptions.
  • Although he’s referred to as “the most toxic man in VN-CS:GO”, he’s only rage because of his own right. Bomman himself stated that the one deserved that nickname should be Hoag (former IGL/Rifler of Team Revolution), as he was a higher level pro than Bomman.
  • Dev Nguyen was featured in Season 2 Episode 17 of “Ký Sự Check Hack”[24], and was considered “one of the best episodes of Ký Sự Check Hack” by the VN-CSGO community. The second one being Episode 12 from also Season 2, when Bomman featured himself.


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